Content Marketing

We create strategic content that is relevant to attract a valuable audience. We work to maintain consistent content to keep users engaged for a longer period. Make your content more meaningful with us.

Web Development

We create strategic content that is relevant to attract a valuable audience. Producing you consistent and creative content is a key factor in winning over your customers and something we pride ourselves to be able to deliver on.

Email Marketing

Let us help you build and develop long-lasting relationships with your customers. We will create highly effective email strategies to send to help boost your leads.

Video Marketing

You can rely on us to produce great video marketing content to attract your target audience. We know how to keep an engaged audience, capture their attention and keep them coming back for more.

Social Media

We’ll make your social media more aligned to your business goals to be able to engage and connect with your customers better. At CGC Marketing, we offer custom-fit social media strategies to generate leads and help our clients grow their online presence.

Advance Analytics

Keeping track of and analyzing the performance of your website and online campaigns to provide you with the best insight on how to further grow your business.

PPC Management

We will oversee and manage your Pay-Per-Click to ensure you get the most of your money.

Web Hosting

We offer web hosting Services for our clients.


Developing backlinks, meta tags, keywords and quality content to steer your business towards the top-ranked searches in the world. Get a better understanding of how to connect with your customers as we always strive to understand our customers so we can help you better understand yours.

Managing DNS

We offer DNS management for our customers.